I can't to move my domain name to a different account!

Username ( health0179 ) or https://www.feelforhealth.com/

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epiz_32559632 | FeelForHealth

Error Message

1 domain(s) will be locked to the account!
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If you want to use these domain names on another account, please remove them through the control panel before deactivating the account.

Other Information

I can’t to move my domain name to a different account even though I’ve removed it from the Addon Domains using control panel!
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I have the same problem this client used to have until an admin has fixed him problem.

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When you initially set up the account, did you choose a subdomain from us or did you just use the domain that you mentioned at the top of your post? Because if you did the former, you will also need to remove that domain, if you would like.


I have used only my custom domain at the first setup, and since then, I haven’t use any subdomains.


Well most likely you have to wait for admin


Exactly! They have to contact IFastNet so they fix my problem.

What is the issue exactly?

You say you are unable to add the domain to another account. But where exactly are you trying to add your domain? And what’s the specific error message you see?

The “domain will be locked to the account” message is generated by the client area and the list of domains it knows about. It’s possible for this list to go out of sync. To be sure that the list is accurate, you can go to the Domains page of the account and click Synchronize Domains. If you’ve actually removed the domain, that will make the message disappear from the deactivation screen.


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