Can't login

Good evening,

I can’t login on both websites I created with WordPress. For two days I just got blank page and today on one of the websites I can get to the login page but then I get blank page again…

btw, I can login my InfinityFree account but I can’t login the websites

Could you please advise?

Thank you for your time

both websites have error 500

Besides, I see also the signs of this

Thank you!

Any idea how I could fix this issue? Or how long it can take InfinityFree to fix it?

Best regards

for error 500 you need to follow debug instructions

or read here some possible steps

How can I get to my control panel and fix the PHP if I can’t login the website?

Is there anyone in InfinityFree that can fix it through their system? As I’m not an expert…

Thank you for your help!

P.s: Why no one from InfinityFree is answering questions ??

Tried to follow “HTTP ERROR 500” and got this message for the first website:

and this message for the second website:

Because, generally speaking, you don’t edit PHP code of your website through the PHP code of your website. Most people use either one of our web based file managers, of a code editor on their own computer.

Because I’m human and I can’t be around 24/7.

This message means that the code will only run on PHP version 5.3 and older. The oldest version of PHP we offer is 5.4.

PHP 5.3 is very old and unsafe. I don’t think there are many hosting providers available who still offer that version of PHP. Either the author of the software needs to update their code, or you need to use different software.

That looks like a corrupted WordPress installation. Did you update WordPress recently by any chance? Did the update complete successfully?

Yes, I did, and immediately after the WordPress update installation the website got blank.
Any way I can fix that?

And for the first message (with the PHP issue): is there a way I can start all over again ? I tried to erase the sub-domain, but I just couldn’t start from zero…

Thank you so much for your time
I appreciate it

Yes, you can. You can extract a fresh copy of WordPress on top of your existing installation, which will fix any missing or corrupted files. It basically works like this:

Yes! All you probably need to do is to find the folder of the subdomain and delete everything in it. Removing the subdomain from the control panel doesn’t automatically delete it’s contents.

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