Can't download my files

I want to backup my website, but I was unable to download my files

Hello there,

Could you try downloading your files using an FTP client instead and see if that error will occur as well? I also wouldn’t really recommend downloading files in bulk using the web based file manager.


This screenshot looks very similar to what I saw yesterday. Maybe this answer applies to you too?


I would install monstaftp on my site for anyone to use, but I don’t know if the post will violate the terms or not.
Asking @Admin

Actually infinityfree already have monstaftp install on their server at


I’d recommend against running a public file manager due to the CPU and bandwidth cost of running it to you, and I would recommend against using any file manager you find on the web to anyone else. Because you never know if the file manager is a clean, unmodified installation, or whether some logging has been added to it to steal your login details or your files.

And if you want to use the latest and greatest version of MonstaFTP, you can just use our MonstaFTP installation.


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