Can't create subdomain of free domain

Hello, I want to create a subdomain for my free domain but in the dropdown there is only my purchased .lol domain but not the domain

I know this is rude, but are you blind?

Yes, it’s rude
Especially since you did not understand my problem, I want to create a subdomain of MY own free domain.

Example : I register and I want to create
But here in the dropdown there is my purchased domain .lol at bottom but not the domain that I created


Oops, sorry you didn’t make it clear enough.

Free domains aren’t purchased. Domains that cost money are purchased, that’s why it’s not showing up.

I create a domain AND I purchased a .lol domain with the same name.
Is it possible to create a subdomain for my domain ?


So how ?


I answered yes, you can create ONLY. You can’t combine subdomains. If you won’t make your case better, wait for someone else.

Cannot create a proper subdomain - #4 by Admin ?
I’ve already created subdomains of my subdomain (but now I deleted them) so why I can’t now ?

I guess its a bug, IDK.

The Subdomains menu is to create subdomains. If you purchased your own .lol domain, that’s not a subdomain, that’s an own domain. You can add those to your account through the Addon Domains or Parked Domains sections.

Also, you cannot create subdomains of subdomains. So if you have and, you can create but not

So why could I create some months ago?
And why an admin told it possible here → Cannot create a proper subdomain

Due to a bug, it is (or was?) possible to create sub-subdomains for some subdomains. But this was never intentional.

Also, the topic you linked to is two and a half years old.

Ok, and if I want to create subdomain of subdomain, I think that I must pay for a premium account.

Two another linked questions :

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First of, did you upload/install the files/webscript that you wish to be seen on your subdomain?

If you did so, then make sure that the directory for your subdomain in which the files and content for public access and viewing is placed, matches the directory that is shown to the corresponding directory for the said subdomain, in the subdomains page.

If it is not related to proper file placement then the domain is taking time to “propagate” - which means that it will take time for it to be seen by different viewers of your content.

Possibly. Did you try it?

Because we can’t fully create your subdomain if you don’t use our nameservers. You own DNS settings currently point the subdomain to an ads page. If you’re using third party nameservers, you are responsible for keeping your DNS records up to date, and adding any missing records for subdomains.

It doesn’t work, what can I make to delete them ?

Thank you, it works.

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