Can't Add Domain (Unsupported Domain)

Username: epiz_28802249

Hello, I wanted to add a domain to my server, I wrote the Name Servers correctly, but I cannot add the domain named “” to my account. ( website support said “ does not support this domain”)

The .tc or domain is very unknown
Even Discourse (this forum) doesn’t make it into a link. I didn’t even know it existed

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“” is one of the domain names of the Republic of Turkey.

Likely due to this

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If the support at your domain registrar’s website told you that you can’t point to “” domain, you can try using CloudFlare.

Cloudflare is mistaking the domain name (it’s treating it as a subdomain).

Well it is a subdomain is a subdomain (bil is the subdomain)


Well, @cookie1982 is right, it is a subdomain.
You’re best off registering a real .tc domain.

If your registrar allows external DNS, you could try to use that.


Ok, thank you everyone.

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