Can't access my website

Can’t access my website. It is giving me 502 error bad gateway. Please fix

Maybe has to do with this:

The IP your site has is fine. Maybe try clearing your computers DNS cache and your browser’s cache.


Don’t know if it had to do with that or not. The thing is it came back to normal after a while. Thx anyway for your answer.

Your website is working for me now, but it’s quite slow.

WordPress with many heavy plugins can do that. I took a quick look on your site and I see you have Elementor installed with a nulled version of Elementor Pro. Elementor is a very heavy plugin and doesn’t run well on free hosting.

And using cracked/nulled/pirated software on our hosting is forbidden. Please remove it immediately or we’ll be forced to do it for you (in a way you may not like).


Hi there,
First of all , i didn’t know anything about the forbidden use of some particular kind/version/type of plugins but in the case of elementor pro, i have already have removed it as you asked
Secondly , I understand that elementor could not run well on free hosting but i fixed that first slow load with cron jobs in the past what it seems not to have worked recently. So I still don’t know the reason for this change.

As for “some particular kind/version/type of plugins,” admin said “cracked/nulled/pirated” software, which means taking the software from some illegal distributor or finding a way to get it other than the official way. This is usually used by people to bypass paying for it, and is illegal.

Secondly, I don’t understand why cron jobs worked before, but it could be due to updates or it only affecting one thing about that software that changed, or for some magic reason just happened to work that time. Regardless, it still is a pretty heavy software, from what I have heard.


First of all thank you for response.

  1. I understand what admin said. What I answered is that I didn’t know that before he said it.
  2. Strange but since yesterday night everything is loading really fast so I think it had to be something server side related because I haven’t done any further modification since my last post.

Pirating software is illegal and you should know that. And assume that all hosting providers have to follow the law and will not host illegal software for you.

We have to load many accounts on a server to keep the service free. So sometimes the service may slow down if it’s busy. We do our best to avoid that of course, but we have to make some concessions to provide a free service.


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