Can't access cPanel or file manager for my new account

Hi everyone, thus far I’ve been able to access my cPanel or file manager on all my accounts almost as soon as I made the account (13 total!!! Deleted accounts count in as well, lol), but this time it’s taking way longer with the 14th. Why is that? I was able to get a free SSL before I can even access the website’s file manager and cPanel. Help, please!

Note, I have 3 active accounts right now. Maybe since I’ve reached my limit as a free user, the third account might have a little difficulty being… done something with? I don’t know for sure.

Did you read the note that it can take some time for the account to be fully setup? Just have patience, these things don’t start working after 2 seconds.


Right, yeah, I know. It’s just that I’m used to having the account set up complete within the hour. I’ll wait for another 48hrs (I believe that’s how long is left), I guess.

Wait, actually serious question, is it weird for the account to not have its IP address by now?

What’s the domain? Sometimes the IP loads right away, but if you triggered something it in the system with your craziness it may not.

4 Likes, that’s my new domain.

Should I, uh, delete the account and make another one / merge the domain into one of the accounts? That’s the only solution I can see right now, and I need to have the domain work ASAP.

Why would you delete the account with the domain, just to add a new account with the same domain right after I told you patience is key? Either I’m not understanding what you are trying to say, or you are just incapable for waiting more then 5 seconds for something.

This is the internet, things don’t change instantaneously.

And for the record, that domain is showing the welcome page. So you should be focused on uploading your files / databases instead of putting more work on yourself by deleting a working account and creating a new one.

On whatever account you are on now, does the vPanel open?


look, i get that. i can wait, but i’ve stated an anomalous thing that happened with me, which is that it didn’t give my domain an IP. i want to find an immediate solution because i think that is what’s preventing me from accessing vPanel or file manager. i can access them on the others, which is weird.

It does



not for me…

file manager not opening:


Able to use filezilla?
Can you use vpn to access control panel?




FileZilla won’t work unless you can access the control panel, as your account is not fully activated until you can do so.

The error you have on the control panel shows that something is most likely getting blocked on your end. Try a different device/network/VPN, and see if you can access the panel that way.

You can also try using as well.


that’s really weird, I can access vPanel with VPN but can’t without. what the hell happened?

update i can access the file manager after i’ve accessed it with VPN, then turned it off within the page, and accessed it again without.
vPanel still doesn’t work without VPN. what the hell?

…nevermind! Didn’t know vPanel was run with Cloudflare (screw cf!)

That’s because it isn’t. The control panel traffic is currently routed through the network of Scaleway.

Maybe access to our control panel is blocked from your end?


Not sure, it’s really weird, I don’t get it either.
→ Can access vPanel with VPN, Cloudflare;
Meaning I can’t access without either.
→ vPanel routed through Scaleway;
Meaning… I don’t even know, it’s just weird.
The internet is a weird place, man.