Cannot setup Wordpress

I set up this account epiz_33181691 for a test website, but I installed wordpress more than 72 hours ago and website URL is still redirecting to XAMPP Dashboard and wp-admin or wp-login redirect to 404.

Also I have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times already (including DB deletion).

Please help.
greetings and thank you.

This is what I see

You need to do this

then add domain to hosting account


Do you mean

This looks ok

Try to clear browser cache


Yes that is what I should see but I don’t see it… already cleared history in all my browsers and also just tried another computer but it says it cannot connect but other websites hosted here loads totally fine… this is very weird.

this is what I get from the domain checker…

also yes sorry I meant to write

What do you see instead? It is working for me as well.

Try following this guide:


Already cleared browser cookies and cache but still nothing…

1 computer redirect me to XAMPP Dashboard

the rest don’t load anything and straight up gives “connection error couldn’t connect”.

We don’t have XAMPP on our servers (XAMPP is a suite used only for local development), so wherever that page is coming from, it’s not from our servers.

Did you do anything like make changes to your computer’s hosts file to redirect the subdomain to your own computer for development? That would explain why you see the XAMPP dashboard instead of your live site.


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