Cannot reach website

There are problem to reach my infinityfree websites too with Virgin Media.
I cannot reach FTP at all, and websites cannot open.

But when I use my mobile with mobile data there are no problem.
Mobile company: EE.

Not only infinityfree blocked with Virgin Media, other hosting sites too.

If you have Virgin Media , I think that is the problem.

Can you share your URL? The problem is probably DNS cache, not the ISP.


The ftp url?

I answered to you, but my answer deleted.
I see you have wifi on, do you connect Virgin Media?
If yes, that is the problem.

Your question was note deleted, it was moved.

You mentioned that you had issues opening websites and blamed Virgin Media, however they are probably not at fault, DNS caching probably is.


I answered to that post.
Why did you moved those answers?
Virgin Media blocking few webhost sites.
Maybe he/she using Virgin Media and that is why cannot open the site.

I do not know why Virgin Media do this.
It is stated this year.

No, it could be DNS propagation or

The reason Greenreader split your topic was most likely because of this:

Which is why he asked for your website URL. The FTP server is irrelevant because if that were the problem, it would be posted in System Issues.


First of all thank you for your answer.

I cannot reach infinityfree part of it.

FTP I can reach from phone or other provider. FTP client shows “no IP address” with Virgin Media. I can reach infinityfree main website, and controll panel, there I can use everything.

But: “hyperphp” I cannot reach at all. Not the main site. Nothing. Other internet provider can reach it .

Any sites can be reach from other provider, so no reason to check with other provider, because you cannot see any issue.

Today I can reach the websites and FTP too. Nothing changed. Virgin Media have a problem. Sometimes I can rerach, sometimes not.
Today “hyperphp” working too without any issue.
Two different hosting site not working at the same time, only on Virgin Media…
This shows Virgin Media blocking.

PS: I not shared my web address because it is private. I builded only to my family. If you really need I can shere in private message.

Can you share the error messages when trying to connect over FTP? Do note that your modem/router could be at fault. See:


This is the error message

Hi lanszelot,

The fact that you can reply here means that you have a working internet connection with a working DNS, so I’ll rule those out.

For FTP access, would you please tell me if you’re using the web file manager or FileZilla that is installed on your computer? If convenient, would you please screen-capture the application status together with the error message? This way we can see the logged message above and below (if any)

ISPs typically do not block certain web hostings as this decreases their network coverage significantly (except for certain countries, which you would have indicated if you were).

Speculatively, if the FTP client shows no IP address, I assume there’s something wrong with domain resolution other than DNS, like I said, you’re able to arrive here, so DNS has to be working. Is the domain typed in correctly? The ftp:// prefix should appear in the host box.

Let us know if there are any updates.


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First of all thank you for your reply.

Other FTP is working. Only infinityfree and hyperphp not.
But not all the time.
Today working both. I did not change anything at all.
Sometimes working sometimes not.
But when I use different internet provider no problem at all.

The error message is only that what I wrote. No log, no nothing.
I am using Total Commander.
I not type anything, client name, username password everything is saved, so I cannot type wrong. I just click button connect.
If there is any wrong data it never connect.
If DNS problem other FTP should have to be problem too, but not.

If you can share the full FTP logs from Filezilla, they may help:

It seems like you may be facing this issue. Have you tried some of the steps mentioned here, such as using an alternative FTP hostname ( or directly connecting to the IP address

If you are absolutely certain that Virgin Media is blocking your connection, reaching out to them about it if you haven’t already might be worth a try. Some posts on their forum like this one mentions they have a customer area for feedback on their WebSafe feature which blocks some websites, you can see if you can use that.


Suggestion: Use FileZilla Instead.

Your ISP isn’t getting in your way, otherwise you won’t be able to use it today. When an ISP blocks certain types of connection, they do so at the infrastructure level that you’ll need VPN to bypass, FTP is commercially related and they cannot simply ban it.

It sounds to me like connections are created differently from time to time and some types of these connections like varying TLS versions aren’t completely supported by Total Commander (I’m not sure, but FileZilla never failed me so far)



Please read the firs post.
Not only FTP blocked, the websites too.
There is no connection between Total Commander and The browsers.

And why not reachable on my phone when I am on Virgin Media wifi.
And straight away when I turn off wifi and using mobile data /EE/ I can reach all of them?

I cannot connect with Virgin Media because my landlord have the contract.

Hi lanszelot,

In this case you can try using a VPN, if using a VPN gets you through, then use that.


They have an email address for non-customers in the post I linked to as well, perhaps you can use that.

If you can use a different DNS resolver, I’d recommend doing that. While written for a different reason, the advice in this article may help:

You can also try using a VPN as @chiucs123 suggested above. Unfortunately, if you cannot switch from or reach out to Virgin Media, I don’t think there’s much else you can do.


One more solution, get an unlimited mobile data plan and use that as a WiFi hotspot, it might not be as fast, but it gets the job done.

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