Cannot Login to File Manager

I am trying to access my File Manager, the default MonstaFTP, but I am unable to log in. I was able to access the FTP earlier today, but right now, it seems I am unable to connect. If the screenshot below was uploaded correctly, the error shown is: “The authentication operation timed out.” After repeatedly refreshing the page and trying the process over and over again, I am still unable to log in. The fault is most probably on my part since no one else is reporting this error, but I don’t know what to do.

I have the same problem

Same with me. From about 1:07 am (UTC) if I try to connect via ftp the command tries for ever and I cannot connect.

Same here too and right now, i have noticed that my php files aren’t working. Did someone turned off the server?

I guess the server is down. Still waiting for this to be fixed

I have the same 502 Bad Gateway problem.


Ahh! Same here :joy::joy:

Same :frowning: i cannt login to my web

still cant

This issue is/was caused by an outage:

However, this outage should be solved by now. Do you still experience this issue?

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