Cannot Create Hosting Account

Website: (there is no software installed as of writing)
Domain Registar: Google

**Error Received: cf-turnstile-response **

Other Information
Creating a hosting account, I clicked “Custom Domain” and entered my domain. I type in the account label and leave the account password blank. I am then greeted by an error at the top of the screen saying: "The cf-turnstile-response field is required.

The nameservers have been set up on Google Domains to point to InfinityFree.

I have read one other similar topic covering this issue, and the proposed solution provided there has not worked. I do suspect it is something to do with the domain being recently registered, and that DNS / Nameserver propagation is still running its course. Final note, I did not use Google Sites and link it to a site there.

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

Did you read this thread?


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