Cannot access site via ftp

Almost every day now your ftp server is up/down for some reason and I have to upload files through the ftp web interface instead of my ftp client. Could you look into it?

It occurs randomly. Im not sure why it happens. Note: I am not the Admin.

Sure, I can look into it. But to my knowledge, the FTP servers are all working fine.

The online file manager also uses the same FTP server as you connect to directly. So if you are having trouble with your own FTP software but the online file manager is working fine, then it’s probably not just the FTP server that’s having problems.

When it’s down, what do you see exactly?


Now I cannot open my website, file manager won’t connect either, ftp server is still down (since yesterday). I get a “502 bad gateway error”, when I try to open a page that’s in a subdir but in the root dir it works fine.

file manager doesn’t work

Those issues were likely caused by the outage from earlier today.

However, that should be resolved now. Do you still have any issues with the FTP service?


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