Can We Change Nameservers of A Custom Subdomain

Is it possible to change nameservers for a subdomain? I mean a custom subdomain, like I own a domain, called
and I have subdomain and I want point it to BitLy nameservers.
Can you tell me ho can do that?
Thanks in advance.
TurboX Admin

If you are using cloudflare then you might found an option there in DNS records which is nameservers. Use it to setup nameservers for subdomain.

@MAHOfficial You can only do that with the Enterprise Business Plan of Cloudflare.

The answer is no, you can’t. Unless you find a suitable DNS management site that allows you to add NS records.

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You can do it on a cheaper plan too. In fact, is setup in a similar way and we’re not on the Enterprise plan.

But you can’t do it on InfinityFree. Full DNS management is a premium only feature.

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You know that I had found a premium cPanel for free. That’s HelioHost, but I like InfinityFree cause it gives more quality reather then HelioHost. Anyways, is not working. And at least now I know that I can’t change a subdoomain nameservers. But I am not worried about that. All I have do is to get a free domain from Freenom, and change it to nameservers and then I can contuinue my work. (I am smart :sunglasses:) And thanks for helping me.

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