Can’t load my website

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

Error Message



I realized that my database is automatically deleted. i try to create new database but can’t create it

please check help me. thank you

I see this error:


I see that you are using Cloudflare, and have multiple IPs set up. Please share a screenshot of your Cloudflare configuration, as well s the IP for your account found in the control panel.

As for the database thing:


only 3 items added at cloudflare. My website was working fine until this morning when I received the (http error 500) error

Thanks for the reply

It should be “@” points to and “www” points to

I tried changing it to @ and it still shows the same as on the picture. I think it’s set up properly.

don’t touch anything on CF.
everything is fine but probably your site uses DB but currently due to problems it can’t connect so it throws out error 500

but other files are neatly served like


I understand. Thanks for your support. And when will the database be able to work normally again?. Thank you

6 hours remained here in the EU until the end of the day
but something can always be complicated so it is difficult to predict

just in case try this
to see where the problem really is

PHP neatly assigned a session


CF cache settings are fine



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