Can’t delete cname records in control panel

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL


Error Message

(Syntax error in domain name, to many dots.)

Other Information

Good night. When I try to delete these bad records, I get the error message, but it doesn’t delete the record, the use of cloudflare has not been activated in the vistapanel/cpanel

These are the DNS records. I would like to delete them

CNAME Record Destination destination.


The cPanel has always been dodgy with DNS records; I recommend using Cloudflare to manage your DNS.

If you would rather not, then we can try and solve this issue. Is there a specific error message that you see?


That seems to be a bug in the control panel. I’ve asked iFastNet to investigate.

EDIT The records have now been removed.


They were not deleted, but now they can be easily deleted, Thank you so much


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