Can‘t create subdomain

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

Username: epiz_24808821

Error Message

I can‘t create the subdomain “m” (for mobile).
Error: " Illegal characters in the naming field, please verify input. .5 "

Sounds like there’s a limit for minimum letters of the subdomain name, can you try mobile instead?


Yes mobile works, but I created this particular subdomain for 6 months and it worked fine.
Would there be a way to change things to make that work again ?

maybe it’s better mobile than m
because if is M then it would sound like madam :slightly_smiling_face:


Most big websites are using “m” subdomain (twitter, facebook, reddit,…).
So it‘s like a norm. :thinking:

I’ve been there too and had to move on.

I think there’s not much that the admins can do except to report this to iFastNet and hope this is only a bug.

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Yeah it‘s very sad.

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