Subdomain with just one letter


I am trying to create a subdomain “” for a very simple website intended for mobile devices.

I’m getting an error when I create that subdomain via IFPanel.

It’s not possible to create a subdomain using just one letter?!

Looks bugged, please wait for admin

I’m not sure if one letter subdomains work, but the error doesn’t make than an obvious conclusion. Are you sure there isn’t a sneaky space in the input field perhaps?



No, that was the first thing I checked. It’s really just the character “m”.

It doesn’t make much sense because this subdomain name used to be very popular when smartphones started to appear. Maybe not so much now, but still, I don’t see why we wouldn’t be able to create a single letter subdomain.

Anyway, that wasn’t really important for me. It was just a quicker way to access it from my smartphone or share it with someone else.


I know this is probably not what you want, but you can create a link for free (

The technical reason is that the custom subdomains (of your own domain) and the free subdomains (of our domains) share the same logic. For the latter, I’m pretty sure we have a minimum length requirement. For the former, we shouldn’t have one.

To make something very: I did not say or intend that “yes, this is true and you can’t do this”.

I’m not even sure if there is a length requirement on the custom subdomains. The error message doesn’t definitively say that.

So please don’t give me the “you really should be able to have one letter subdomains” judgement. I want to help you get this set up. Just because I can’t snap my finger and make this domain appear doesn’t mean I can’t help you.


This was my thought too. Because we are able to create a subdomain for both IFs domains and our own domains using the same dropdown. There is nothing distinguishing yours from ours.

You got me wrong. Maybe I should have written the post using some emojis. :grinning: I was not judging and I never would judge a free service that costs me nothing and works better than I ever expected. If you read what I wrote, I never even said “you really should be able to…”. I just said that it “didn’t make sense”. But you can see right after that I wrote that that wasn’t a requirement I couldn’t live without and I moved on.


try (at least for now) mobile.[yoursite].[tld]

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Yes, I created one with more letters.

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