Can not upload 2,1 MB HTML File


My website is

I’m trying to upload a rather large HTML file to your server, but I keep getting the following error message back;


The file sav operation timed out

The page is a summary of my books, so it is with 2.1 MB for a pure HTML file quite large. But is there no possibility to upload the file on your server?

I have also tried to upload the file in a ZIP archive, but then I can not unzip it. Then I tried to copy and paste the text into a file but again the time out error occurs.

I have only a last solution in my mind; would it be ok if the links from your site would lead to another hoster? Because if I can’t upload the file on your server, I have to find an alternative. So in the case that someone clicks on the link where I can not upload the file, he is then redirected to another hoster? Would that be ok because I don’t see any other possibility, or what would be your idea?

Thanks for the help and support in advance.

Best regards from germany

Max file size for html is 1mb.
Get premium hosting if you need more

I do not think hot-linking is allowed

Follow this thread


Great, thank you very much! The PHP solution worked. Then my problem has been solved. So I just need to replace the links and then everything is solved. Thanks again and have a great day! :slight_smile:


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