Upload more bigger files

Hi, i want to host my website in HTML but my index.html page is 3.2 MB bigger
And the limit is at 1 MB
How can i upload it anyway
Dear @Admin could you please make me a special exception for this case?

First, make sure to separate any JavaScript or CSS into external files, and if the file is still too big, follow the guidance below.

Split the file into multiple parts like I suggested in your other topic:

No exceptions will be made, sorry! Also, no need to ping Admin as they have pings disabled for this reason.


Can you make me an example/guide?

Quick example:

include 'html-file-part1.html';
include 'html-file-part2.html';
include 'html-file-part3.html';

But first you must make sure that all three of those files exist in the directory which the .php file is. Also please note that this file must have a .php extension.


Ok, i can do it using php in html files?

I suppose yes

Developers face problems like these all the time. Whether it be current hardware limit, or limits imposed on their current tech that is available to them. One thing I think you should do is split up Javascript and CSS, like someone here said. One other thing you could do, is think of compressing the HTML or taking out unnecessary lines.

If all else fails, you could do what someone else here also suggested, and that is to split it up into smaller parts.

Also, if you store images in the html file as data urls, you can definitely squeeze that file size down even more, by storing them as separate images and linking them.

Remember, we’re programers, and programmers don’t quit. Keep it up, I believe in you. If you have any more questions, ask me or someone else here and I will do my best to try to help you with the knowledge and resources that I have.


You can’t use PHP in HTML files unless you use the .php extension.



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