Can I setup a subdomain to be hosted elsewhere?

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I’ve a configuration question, please see below

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the plain domain name hosted on infinityfree
On my domainname hoster, the name servers for are set to those of infinityfree.

I’d like a netlify dot app site to point to the subdomain gati dot acidtest dot com

Is that possible on the free plan of infinityfree?

(I’ve put dot in place of . to enable this query to be posted)

Hi and welcome to the forum! If Netlify wants you to configure a CNAME record to set up the subdomain, you can do so under the “CNAME Records” section of the Control Panel, but if it requires other types of records (A or TXT records) you’ll be better off configuring Cloudflare or using your domain registrar’s nameservers and pointing your domain to us through the website IP shown on the Client Area.


I think to do this you’ll need to use a full DNS zone manager such as Cloudflare.


You should be able to do this with a basic CNAME record. No need to overcomplicate things by involving an external DNS provider.


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