Can I remove infinityfree nameservers?

I want to connect my site to cloudflare for protect my site and it says to change the infinity free nameservers (, Can I change my nameservers?

If you have your own domain, absolutely! There is also a guide on setting it up:


No, you think wrong. I have a custom domain which I purchased from hostinger and here I just take a free hosting for WordPress.

If you don’t use our domain and don’t use our hosting, what makes you think you can’t remove your nameservers?

If you want to your website with us, but want to use third party nameservers, you can use your own nameservers if you configure them correctly.

If you don’t want to host your website with us, then you can’t realistically use our nameservers, and you should delete them, as there is no reason to not do so I think.


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