Can i create a best Blogging site

Can i create a best blogging sote from infinity free and soon update my hosting plan to ifast

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Yes, You can!! You’re allowed to make blogging site using InfinityFree hosting
At least doesn’t violate our terms of services :)


What’s a best blogging site?

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I means providing valuable information on the site

Ah, i don’t think if a blogging site with valuable information wouldn’t be allowed, as long as you don’t teach hacking concept.


Can i post in shell scripting tutorial for beginners

it isn’t a hacking tutorial, you can. It’s great that you teach people in positive way :slight_smile:


Yep instead teaching something bad :eyes:


:expressionless: :+1:


we can’t teach penetration testing??

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I highly doubt it, after all your teaching people how to break into stuff, whether it is on a LAN or not.

I’m not sure but it can result account termination, based on similar issues happened before due to teaching these concept.

You don’t know how people will use these concept, we not want to spit Evil stuff.

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ok this time i’ll leave savage behind and i will put a strict disclaimer still my account can get ben 10?



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read the whole replies
Ok, seriously, He had agenda on suspending his site due to teaching DDoS and thinking that we break USA laws just cuz we took his site down :joy:

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Wow, Just Wow :joy:

No, that is not the truth. My website was suspended before I released OPEN SOURCE DDOSing code. I will be taking InfinityFree to court for violating my constitution right of freedom and speech and press on my board. As well as the freedom to organize. My board is not malicious, legal and following the rules:

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That’s kinda lawful awful.

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Site supporting or promoting hacking are strictly prohibited. Many of these hacking sites are used for illicit purposes so we have chosen to ban them entirely.

A footnote saying “only for educational purposes” or something along those lines does not change that fact. Many “educational” sites like that are used to cause real harm to real people and companies, and we will not condone such actions.