Website Suspended

Why was my website taken down? It is abiding by the law and is safe.

You probably hit the limits.

Reviewing my code is a violation of all laws in all countries.

Also, take a read through this:


The data entry process limit needs to be increased. I only used 52MB in a little over a week. My website hosts no images and only text. Can at least redirect?

This is what is says:
Your account was suspended for abuse. InfinityFree monitors and reviews accounts to ensure they do not contain any harmful content, and that they don’t overload the free hosting servers.

I uploaded 1 iframe from Youtube and they took the site down.

Are you using any scripts?

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HTML4 CSS2 and PHP only - no scripts at all or html-javascript functions.

The entire website is 12kb

I was in compliance with the policies, terms and conditions. Not allowing nudity or graphic adult content. Only freedom of speech, with links and images.

You‘ll probably want to wait on the Admin, since he can check on it.

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Ok, Thank You For The Help and Providing The Link To Help The Other Users. They Seem To Be Having A Different Problem.

I have been driving a lot of traffic but it only says 1200 hits as of now.

Send support ticket to staff from client area?


I will absolutely not take my website down; that is compliance with all terms and conditions / policies. This is the message I received:

Hi there,
Your free account 4chan content has triggered our systems abuse filter detectors and has been suspended,
this is not allowed here:

do you agree to remove this if we consider reactivating the account?
Please let us know if there is anything we can do.

The staff just committed a crime in all countries! My website is just a similar concept to 4chan. I am not allowing nudity of graphic adult content. It’s just like a forum. Reading my code is a direct violation of our laws!

What laws? Then it’s like someone is making phishing site or hacking scripts and Admins cannot check it because of Law?!

There might be a reason why that has triggered the filters. Ask them for more info?



Why would they steal your code then?

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It’s that good and there is no reason why my website set off triggers. I am not maliciously redirecting, there is no javascript or software. There is also no illegal activity and everything is in compliance with the rules and regulations. As well as laws in both of our countries.