Is there a cache in operation of free hosting? I have uploaded some files and modified some others and for the last hour the change are not showing. I’ve forced browser cache refresh

There is no cache, unless of static files… Unless you set it up, It may be your ISP’s DNS Cache, So if it is that case then you have to wait till it reloads, try using a VPN (Like


There are no server side caches on our hosting, but by default we do enforce caching on static files like images, stylesheet and scripts because many websites tend to benefit from them.

You can turn off the caching with .htaccess rules if you want, which helps you see updates faster. But please understand that doing so will slow down your website and reduce the traffic capacity of your hosting account.


Here’s what I’m seeing now:

access via shows updated page

if I access via https or www. I get the old page that was updated 2 days ago

Seems weird.

Yeah, Cache works in mysterious ways! Just try clearing cache on your side (Ctrl+f5).

Browsers cache websites with HTTPS, without HTTPS, with WWW and without WWW separately. So your browser may have cache for and, but it doesn’t use that cache on because it’s a different domain/protocol.


I’m having this same problem now. I even deleted the stylesheet from the server to really see if it was being read or not and sure enough after I deleted it the file the code from it is still showing up in inspector. I guess I will need to disable this just to finish the site.

I just tried to do this and it ddid not work for me. I followed this guide here;

Was this the right way to do it?

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Go to the stylesheet url and refresh it, clear your browser cache.


There are 3 ways to clear browser/dns cache (probably loads more)

1, DNS Cache which probably wouldn’t help is

(In CMD.exe) ipconfig /flushdns

2, To clear basic browser cache

(In most browsers) Use control+f5 to refresh cache

3, To clear all browser cache.

(In all browsers) Clear the history/cookies

Yes, that should work here and do the trick.

That said, please note that disabling cache will only affect visitors and files which haven’t downloaded certain files before. People who already have a cached copy of a certain file will keep using the cached copy until their caches expire or are cleared. After that, they should not have new cache again.


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