General question about Cron Jobs and Laravel caching / setup

But you could setup a web route that calls Artisan::call('schedule:run') instead.

Does that include something like Artisan::call('migrate:fresh') / Artisan::call('db:seed')?

…so don’t be too worried about it.

I kinda am, because if the answer to my question above is “Yes”, then the above commands, in my case, will call 12 .php migration files, 1 database seeder file and 12 factory files (maybe not these) - I don’t know if this is considered a lot, though, I will be doing testing once the website is done, which unfortunately will take a while, but I figured I’d inform myself early on.

By default, Laravel uses disk cache…

Thank you for this information. I must’ve misread something somewhere and thought it used MEMCACHED by default and since I’m not familiar with it, I thought that’s what I was using.

Static files like images and CSS are just plain files stored on disk, and reading and serving those files is an extremely simple and fast operation. Our servers don’t cache these files because that would just make everything worse, and you should definitely not cache it with PHP because that’s much slower.

Well, I understood the opposite from the admin post here. Perhaps they were talking about different type of caching.

Also, thank you for the .htaccess link. I found a video on YouTube that setup things in a smilar way. (Leaving the link here in case someone else finds it useful.)