Blockage of DELETE WordPress REST API - epiz_25782472

Hello there,
Please find below the error that I get when deleting a listing in HivePress. I’ve continued where @Alf_noob_dev left it. I am facing the same problem. Please advise on how to proceed.

Thanks in advance.

Can you please provide as much detail as possible?

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Hey. Thanks for the reply.

My classifieds website runs HivePress. When one tries to delete a ‘listing’ or an attachment, nothing happens. When an expert from HivePress tried troubleshooting, they found that the hosting provider is blocking the DELETE requests coming via REST API. I pulled the above errors from the console in the browser dev tools.

I will give more details

The user he mentions (alf_noob) has this topic

and this is a support forum where the OP (orectique) explained the problem and got the answer at the bottom

and now decided to FW here on the forum to get some guidance on what to do


Thank you @Oxy.

@Greenreader9 what’s so you suggest I do?

Does adding Access-Control-Allow-Origin to .htaccess file help? If so, what domain should be allowed “access”?

@Admin would you please weigh in?

It seems to me like some sort of permission error. As if you will setup custom 403 error page then you will see it will keep requesting that 403 error page and will cause too many redirects error.
I just tested and found this log:

after about 20 requests to 403 it causes too many redirects error.


Thank you for the answer @MAHOfficial. Would you please elaborate on how I must proceed?

I can’t stress it enough. PINGING. ADMIN. IS. DISABLED

That is sad, isn’t it?

You have to understand that there are currently much bigger worries that the admin has to deal with
and as soon as he gets some time he will give you an answer

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I know. So many outages. I feel bad for those poor fellows.

So, do you have any suggestions for fixing the REST api issue?

I can’t - because I don’t have access to the files and enough info to give some answer

besides, you have a different error now

And not just for you but for a lot of free subdomains

Update - no more 502

Interesting. I’m not much of a tech guy. What does this mean for the website.
Also, I am not using a subdomain. And I’ve my website installed in https.


So much is happening that I can’t even keep up

a lot is done internally on servers
and then other problems appear while e.g. I’m trying to see your website, I noticed that it gives error 502 and then I visited some free subdomains that also had this error in a large way

As I said - that error no longer occurs
but you will have to wait for the admin to give you some answer regarding your first problem

Okay, thank you. One last question. What do you suggest I do now?
The only solution I can think of is to move the site to AWS or Azure. I guess that would solve all my problems.

Thanks for your help.

That will, but you can also move to shared hosting services to solve your problem.

Can you check the Network tab in your browser to see which URL returns the initial 403 error?

It could be that the URL pattern is blocked. It could also be that non-standard verbs (anything other than GET and POST) are blocked, but I’m not sure (not many websites use these other verbs).


I think it is I’m really not sure.