Blockage of DELETE WordPress REST API

That looks like a Google Tag Manager URL, not a URL on your website.

it used to happen on
(it threw out 403 for anything on that path)

The URL is longer and contained a few more dirs but I shortened it
and from here it began 403

but now I see that the user probably made a few changes in the meantime and is now returning 404

Thank you @Oxy, @Admin .
Would you like me to change everything back to the way they were when I first posted here?

It is in your best interest to give us as much information as possible with which we can reproduce the problem.

But maybe there is just something wrong with the configuration
(I didn’t use hivepress and I don’t know what you set up in its configuration)

I downloaded that plugin…peeked a little inside and saw nothing suspicious,
but it’s a much different thing when you put it in WP
and configure it to do something.


Thank you, @Oxy.

Please find a site with the same configurations as before at I checked. It has the same problem.

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