Blank page after uploading amended index page



No error message.

I’ve just amended my index page (the same one I always use) and uploaded it to my site. When I go to view it, there is nothing but a blank page, although other pages attached to the index page are viewable when I put the full address in.
Tried uploading old version of index page (before I amended it) and still get the same problem.
Site has not been deactivated, and file manager shows all files exist, including updated index page.
Any ideas what’s going on?

Make sure your index.html is in lowercase. Also, make sure it is in the htdocs folder.


Thanks, I tried that and I’ve tried everything else. Still same error. As I said, I use the same index page which I update occasionally and when uploaded it overwrites the old version. Never had this problem before.
‘Index’ is in lower case, as it has always been, so there is no reason for it not to work.

Well, I see a 404.

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Why is there a 404 when I it’s exactly the same page (albeit amended at the bottom) and uploaded in exactly the same way as I normally do?
Any ideas?

What is the file’s name?

It’s in file manager showing the date I amended it but won’t display.
All other files in ‘htdocs’ folder are also there as they have not been amended/uploaded recently and display fine…

Needs to be .html, or you need to create a new htaccess file following this document.


Thanks, but it is still not working. I now have 2 files (index.htm & index.html) and a .htacess.txt file with permissions set at 755, and it still won’t work.
I should not have to do anything, since normally all I do is update my homepage, upload it in the ftp, which overwrites the old version, and presto–page appears. That’s what I’ve been doing every month for the past 16 months! All of a sudden it has stopped working.
Any ideas what’s going wrong?

When I try to open your index.html or index.htm file in the file manager, it doesn’t open at all for me. Could it be that your file is corrupted? Or saved with bad encoding perhaps?

Please try re-uploading the file and see if you can open it in the file manager then.


As I previously explained, it was working perfectly until I uploaded the amended homepage, then all I got was a blank page. So I deleted that, re-uploaded the old version (which is not corrupt as it has always been viewable) and now that won’t work either. Getting fed up with this. It was working perfectly last time, now it won’t work at all. There has to be something wrong with your server as files are uploading fine and all appear in the file manager. I can view other pages when I put full address in address bar, the only one I can’t see (as htm or html) is the main page.

Can you share both the old file and and new one here? If you cannot upload directly to the forum, upload to Google Drive and paste the sharing link.


Sorry, I am not prepared to do that. It is up to Infinity to sort it out. They have changed something which prevents my homepage from being displayed. I haven’t done anything different, and I’m not prepared to waste any more time on this.

I’m sorry, but I don’t see how this is InfinityFree’s fault. You have given no evidence to back that up. Currently, I’m betting on incorrect encoding. Does opening it locally work?


Yes, it is fine. When I open it from the desktop it works as normal, all the links are OK. As I have not changed any coding and only added some more words and a picture, and uploaded the same file which I have been using for over a year, then the problem lies elsewhere. I repeat: there is nothing wrong with the encoding.
So I am stumped why it won’t display on the server.
Coding for the top of the page as below:

Well, this is all you have uploaded:



Can you try this?



Tried that, still won’t work. I should not have to change the coding as it was working fine previously.

I don’t see how when my file is 175kb with loads of text and dozens of pics.

Can you upload the files? I can’t help you if you don’t. If you don’t want to do that, fine. But note that I cannot provide with further assistance then.