Bing - URL cannot appear on Bing (Page Fetch Failed)

My URL is In Bing Webmaster Tools I get this error after inspecting my URL:

Last crawl attempted - 18 Feb 2022 at 14:32
Crawl allowed? - Yes
Page Fetch - Failed
We were not able to connect to the DNS (Domain Name Server) for this URL. Please review with your technical team and web hosting company, and contact Bing Webmaster support if you are not able to fix the issue.

I submitted my site to Bing a few weeks ago, through importing from Google Search Console (which has been indexed fine). I’ve tried resubmitting multiple times and there’s been no change.

When I try testing the Live URL, it shows the tested page as having the following contents:

This site requires Javascript to work, please enable Javascript in your browser or use a browser with Javascript support

Anyone have any ideas of what could be causing the issue and or any fixes? I’ve seen elsewhere that you can migrate over to CloudFlare however I’d like to avoid this if at all possible. Thanks in advance!

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Hi and welcome to the forum! You seem to be affected by this system:

Using Cloudflare can help resolve this, as the limitations of this system aren’t present when you’re using it. Why do you wish to avoid it, if I may ask?


Hi Chris, thanks for the reply.
“I personally wouldn’t say it breaks your site. I would say it breaks everything except for your main site. It breaks email (sending and especially receiving), it breaks subdomains, it breaks custom DNS records, it breaks things which I can’t recall right now.” was posted on this forum page: Using Cloudflare along with InfinityFree - #12 by Admin

I’d normally take things like this with a pinch of salt but it’s been posted by an admin? Does anyone know wether this is true or to what degree it is?

Bing webmaster is just broken

That post is referring to a Cloudflare integration that existed in the control panel some years ago, which allowed you to use Cloudflare without changing your nameservers to theirs, but wasn’t that good and was abandoned by Cloudflare, so the Admin was recommending people to use Cloudflare directly.

As this integration no longer exists, that post is no longer relevant. There is still a small chance your website might break temporarily if your configuration is incorrect, but Cloudflare usually automatically detects the records that need to be created, and if it does not, we have a detailed community guide that can help:


Oh okay, thanks I hadn’t realised that. I will give this a go and write back to update. Thanks for the assistance!

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