Banned from InfinityFree

Quite offtopic but are you not banned from using InfinityFree?


the owner just bothers me for no reason

he didnt pay anything on this host because it is myownfreehost reseller

then why u make restrictions on accounts!

Whatever you believe.

Because free things have restrictions, you are not the one who pays for them so you ain’t entitled to use more than allowed resources provided by them either.


he uses lmao
he doesnt have to make restrictions

  • come discord on .beboo.

They are enforced by Ifastnet, yeah?


i dont guess so

You seem to be too snug in whatever the hell you believe in.


So not only do you make two forum accounts aside from multiple hosting accounts (a clear violation of the rules), but you also manage to still complain? Unbelievable.

You think?
Who do you think pays for the domains that are provided as subdomain options in the client area? Who pays for the hosting of the website and client area? If you believe that they’re hosted on MOFH I can clearly say you’ve never tried it, because they’d be suspended in an instant.

The restrictions are iFastNet’s, not the Admin’s. You can sign up with them directly and keep violating the rules if you like it; let’s see how they handle your account.





I assure you that not only do you not have the time, you also lack the skill. Someone who wastes their time arguing in a forum about restrictions which they should have known better are iFastNet’s (just read their terms of service, for goodness’ sake) and seems to think the owner of InfinityFree has nothing better to do with his time rather than enforce arbitrary restrictions on their accounts is not someone that can create a hosting service of the likes of InfinityFree, because if they were, they’d be devoting their time to that.

It is clear that you dislike InfinityFree, and its Admin; so I ask you, why are you still here? You also have a MyOwnFreeHost account; cool. Why not devote what little of the time you have to that, towards learning the hosting platform and making your own site if that’s what you want?
What is it that you seek here?


i like its software(website) but i dont like thae restrictions added earlier

Are you failing to understand?


Which restrictions are that? The ones of the hosting accounts are iFastNet’s as you can see on their ToS page:


I gonne told you. In my lenguaje spanish calls “timo” This page is a fake. They tell you are free but not tell you if not visited in 3 months or something like this kick out of your web. I lost every my work in this fake or shit page.

Are you sure?
Please read

For those who did not bother to read and later lose their work due to inactivity, I rest my case


why did he not have a local backup ?

myself I have master copy and a work in progress version on my local drive as well as backups

I work on the local copy testing changes and then ftp the updates to my hosting site

if there are any issues with hosted files getting lost I just upload again from the local (luckily hasn’t happed yet)


Closing this as the topics purpose has been fulfilled.


If nobody visits your website in 30 days, the account is considered inactive and will be suspended. Within the next ~20 days, you can still reactivate your account without data loss, and only after that it will be deleted.

We are happy to provide free hosting to basically anyone, but we want to give our server space to those who are actually using it, not those who signed up as a test and then forgot about it. The majority of all accounts that are created end up not actually being used. We don’t want to waste server space on those, which is why we clean up the accounts.

When your account is taken down (but not yet deleted), you’ll get two emails to notify you about this: one from us and one from the hosting platform itself. 10 days later you’ll get a reminder from us too.

We do not have any activity requirements for you. You’re not required to login to the client area, control panel or forum to keep your account active. The only requirements is whether your website is being visited.

Only if nobody visitors your site and you don’t notice your website is down for almost three weeks and you ignore the three emails we send you about this, then your account will be deleted.

It can and does happen of course, but I believe we have a fair way to check activity and provide plenty of opportunity to prevent deletion.

We absolutely don’t just kick people off the servers without warning or telling them and no way to recover. That’s just not true.