Are the InfinityFree DNS/Nameserver systems down?



  1. When you make a new InfinityFree account/website, the system that verifies your website’s nameservers are InfinityFree’s nameservers does not seem to be working. I’ve waited at least 24 hours, tried multiple domains - and for people who say you are meant to wait 3 days, I ran my domain through a DNS nameserver checker to ensure my nameservers are correct (proof as of 21/06/2020: Whois Lookup Captcha)

  2. When you try to get a free ssl certificate the systems say you do not have the DNS CNAME records (_acme-challenge) even though I have added them and checked through a DNS lookup tool.

Are these issues anyone else is experiencing? Is this related to the post @admin made about the IP address downtime?

The DNS may take sometimes upto 72 or 76 hours before it will propagate around the world:

And the CNAME records, it might also take upto 24 hours or 72 hours:

And ifastnet is still migrating or moving all websites to new and faster storage for all websites. Even admin don’t know when this problem/upgrade will finish. We’re just using a free hosting and we’re not paying, so we need to be patient.

I am also facing the problem that you were facing today, so not just you.

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I’ve also checked using a system that can see DNS records around the world. Where is InfinityFree hosted?

Infinityfree only had one server and one location, it’s in UK and Infinityfree is not a big company, either an organization or just a person?

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I live in the UK and I am using a DNS checking service from the UK. All of the nameservers are working but InfinityFree isn’t registering that.


InfinityFree is right
this domain does not lead to us

maybe at some point it even referred to our NS
so some whois caught that figure
but now it no longer works

check Freenom


Freenom is still saying the nameservers point correctly at the domain

Should I try re-registering it?

Update: Re-registering the domain seems to have fixed my issues.

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Please note that WHOIS information does not accurately represent the nameservers of your domain, and neither does the panel of your domain registrar. Our system, just like any device trying to access your website, will check the nameservers of the registry. In normal circumstances, they should all match, but they don’t always do.

Because of that, don’t use a WHOIS lookup tool to verify DNS settings: use a DNS lookup tool instead.


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