Are PDF files banned

My new account got suspended, and support replied with the following
Your free account pdf content has triggered our free hosting systems abuse filter detectors and has been suspended,
sorry pdf content is not allowed here with free accounts.

They said to read the terms, but I have read them Terms of Service - InfinityFree
and no where can I find anything that says I can’t have a PDF so long as it’s linked to in my website.

Anyone know what support are referring to?

Not that I know of, unless the rule was changed recently.
Maybe wait for admin first???

Welcome, to the forum.

It’s because all content of an account must be used to display a website. And I guess that PDFs don’t?

Most browsers display the PDF and not download them, and PDFs are important for stuff such as documents such as a TOS. So I honestly don’t know why you can’t.

Either way, I guess you won’t be able to have a PDF.

He might be able to give you some more information.

Also please change the topic to hosting support. Thanks

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I got a reply from them…

The following files uploaded are not allowed on a free hosting plan and have been removed:

We would love to host this kind of content on our premium servers please consider upgrading to iFastNet premium where that is allowed and there are 100s of benefits!

So if they are happy to host on the paid servers, clearly its not a copyright issue (which I asked them about and its not copyrighted)

There are several other pdfs I’d already uploaded and whilst they said “all PDFs” they didn’t delete the others, so I’m really confused.

I asked them what was wrong, but they just ignored me

I’m going to guess it’s the content of the PDF. You can ask support for a reason, they may be able to tell you one.

I just checked the ticket correspondence and the statement in there seems quite clear:

ALL PDFS are not allowed on free hosting anymore.

Which tells me that 1) PDFs are indeed blanket banned and 2) this is probably a fairly new rule.

I didn’t know that this was the case. Although I have seem quite a few bad sites using PDFs to do nasty stuff. And I can imagine PDF inspection isn’t easy enough that scanning the contents of PDFs is feasible.

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What? That’s seams like the weirdest thing!

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Which is why I said:


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