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Before I start fiddling, should I assume this is a backend problem and leave things alone for a while?

Considering there’s another thread with the same issue, very likely:

It seems that you’re facing a similar issue as no SSL certificate seems to be installed for your subdomain when using an SSL checker.
The quickest solution would be to try and reissue a certificate and see if it works properly.


OK, so I fiddled a bit and found that my certificate had become ‘not installed’, don’t know how but guessing a glitch in the backend somewhere. Anyway, I clicked on the ‘install certificate automatically’ button and the site is coming back to life, although it looks like there has been some corruption e.g. theme directory missing.

Once I got back into the Wordpress admin panel, two old previously deleted themes have reappeared, and the current theme was missing. So it looks like there has been a server crash/data restore going on. Theme reinstalled and all is well.

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