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I have a hash-base in my website and my Java programm gets list of hashes from it. But it cant do it bcs aes.js blocks http requests, how can i fix it? Dont write that i should to remove my base of hashes from these hosting. Also dont write that i should to use MySQL and other

Unfortunatly, you can’t do that here:

However, since you have a custom domain, you can use Cloudflare to bypass this system:


Please do note that we provide website hosting, i.e. a service designed and intended to produce web pages. Even though it’s possible to circumvent our technical enforcement measures, our rules are still that we only provide hosting to websites, not data storage applications or whatnot.

This sounds like you just need a place to store a static file, not a web hosting platform. Something like GitHub Pages seems like a much better fit for this.


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