Adding TXT Entry

Hello, Infinity Forum.
I have linked a domain ( to my Infinityfree Hosting, and my mail service provider asks me to add TXT, CNAME, and MX record to that domain.
I added CNAME and MX record but I cannot find the place to add TXT records.
Is it possible to add TXT records on Infinityfree Hosting?

Unfortunately, TXT records are not supported (only SPF is) on the InfinityFree Control Panel.
To add it, you need to setup Cloudflare on your domain, for full DNS management.
Refer to this guide for more information on how to setup Cloudflare:


You can actually add TXT records to the SPF spot in the control panel. Since SPF records are a type of text record, it will work fine.

But if you want full control over your DNS zone, I recommend you follow the guide that @anon46092769 has posted above.


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