Adding a domain through CNAME and still requesting nameservers

i am trying to add a .de website which is known to be very problematic with nameservers, and it does not accept any infinityfree nameservers, and i did it through cname to get it added it is showing that’s all right but it does not want to add
what should i do in this case? domain bought from

I resolved it, as my nameservers at we’re cloudfare’s, at cloudfare i added 2 NS records and typed in as host @ and target and it worked

Mixing NS records is not recommended and can result in weird issues.

If changing nameservers is not possible, you can also add your domain with CNAME verification instead:


i know right, but there was a weird bug, i did it already when i made the topic, it was made, all green, showing that’s all right and when i was clicking on add website nothing was happening, that’s why i mixed them, but it’s working well so

I would still recommend to choose one DNS provider at this point and only use those nameservers. If you want everything on your domain name to work consistently, you have to make sure that all DNS settings are exactly the same on all nameservers. If not, things will not work correctly.

The CNAME or nameserver checks are only done when adding a domain name. Once the domain is added, you can basically do whatever you want in terms of DNS.


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