Add here with masking option

Website URL:
Please allow me to forward my own domain here with masking option to my hosting I use here
My reasoning:
This is a domain I bought a while ago, for which I operate an email server elsewhere. But I want to use the domain here instead of

What do you mean by masking? You can add your custom domain here (change your namservers to InfinityFree’s), the once the domain is added to your account, you can change your namservers away from InfinityFree and just use an A record to point to the website IP (found in the client area).


Check out these faqs


The whole point of URL masking is that it should not require any special support on the receiving site. What problems do you experience using URL masking?

I will say that using URL masking is not recommended, and you should follow the guide @solace-ken shared instead if possible.


My website and minimum storage are hosted by you… But I do not wish to operate my e-mail server with any service provider.
I bought the domain on GoDaddy’s website and manage it there too, because as I wrote, I can easily set the security settings of my own email server, such as dns, etc. with the associated ip address), CNAME (www, @), MX (@,, and for security reasons, RDNS Record (Send Mails), SPF Record, DKIM Record, DMARC Record, Autodiscovery…
You wrote, I quote:
“The whole point of URL masking is that it should not require any special support on the receiving site. What problems do you experience using URL masking?”
The GoDaddy specialists reported the problem that the problem could be on the host side…

Maybe take a screenshot of the page (masking out sensitive info) to describe the issue you’re having? Tell us what you are trying to set up.

How can I upload a printscreen of this here if it is not allowed…?
“An error occurred: Sorry, new users can only put one embedded media item in a post.”"

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Here is the interface on the Goddady page and after filling it out

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…To this, the help center said that the error could be a problem on the receiving side…

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Unfortunately, to be able to use your custom domain with our hosting you’ll need to change the nameservers first, as forwarding with masking is most likely blocked by this system:

The process is documented in the article linked above by @solace-ken:

After changing your nameservers to ours, you can add your domain to your hosting account, either as a Parked Domain or an Addon Domain depending on what you wish to do (check out this article for more information):

Now, you may change the nameservers back to your registrar’s default ones. You’ll need to add DNS records there to make your domain point to this hosting; the most easy way to achieve this is copying the “Website IP” value from the account section of the Client Area’s and adding it as an A record on your domain):


You don’t have to look at me so stupid. :pray:
Last week I tested it with my own domain here with your nameserver data. My problem was that after that I couldn’t manage my dns records etc. here like where I bought it…
The domain’s email server would be at my home, because I see it safely there. For this, it is essential to be able to manage my own domain.
I don’t use the storage for anything harmful, as it can be easily checked. In the Netherlands, a small Hungarian community radio station plays it.
’ That’s great! For your domain to work with this hosting though, you need to change your nameservers first, as forwarding with masking is most likely blocked by this system "
That’s why I asked you to make it possible in my case…


I apologise for coming off this way. I didn’t intend to look down on you; I wanted to write my post as a detailed tutorial, primarily because this is a recurring issue (I’ve encountered something similar at least once before), and I’d like to be able to link to it if something similar occurs. I have now edited my post a bit to reflect on this.

You are not required to have your domain constantly point to our nameservers. As I wanted to say in my original post, simply pointing it to the nameservers once to be able to add it to your account here should suffice. After the domain is added to an account, you can revert to using the default nameservers, and just add an A record in GoDaddy’s DNS management that points to your website’s IP address.


Please know that you can add your domain to your hosting account “the right way” (without URL masking), while still using email from Go Daddy, or even use Go Daddy’s nameservers if you want.

To add your domain name to your account, you must point the domain to our nameservers. But after the domain is setup, you’re free to move the domain back to Go Daddy’s nameservers. After that, you’ll only need to setup the correct DNS records at Go Daddy so your website traffic goes to the server your website is on.

This guide is written for Cloudflare, but the process is largely the same with most other external DNS hosting services: A Full Guide To Cloudflare

Alternatively, you can configure our nameservers for email sending from Go Daddy. DNS controls on free hosting are limited though, you can set your MX and SPF records to send and receive emails, but DKIM and DMARC cannot be configured on our end. If you need those

So, again: what problem?

I just tried to check your website, but I’m seeing a connection timeout error. This seems to be caused by the current web server tried to redirect your site from HTTP to HTTPS, but the configured IP addresses to not respond to HTTPS connections.

If this is the problem you are referring to, then I can tell you with absolutely certainty that this is 100% a Go Daddy problem. Go Daddy’s masking service is not responding to HTTPS connections, and Go Daddy’s masking service is forcing the HTTPS redirect. There is no possible way we could send this redirect from our end, or control whether or not your domain name is using HTTPS. After all, your domain is technically not hosted by us.


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