Account was deleted for not activating 1 month only!

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Account got deleted
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Deleted accounts are accounts you’ve had in the past but are gone now. Account deletions are permanent and deleted accounts cannot be recovered in any way.

If an account is deleted, all domain names on it are released and are available to add to other accounts. The label of an account does not say anything about the domains on it.

Other Information

I didn’t activate the account for 1 month only and the account got deleted without any backup? I’m willing to pay in the future if the problem is solved but I need the data to be recovered.
We didn’t store more than several mega bytes, its my wifes site we’ve paid for creation, and we didn’t have backup because we didn’t know it can happen, can somehow please support?

Username: [epiz_30674048]

If data is gone, then it is really gone.
Remember to backup next time


I’m sorry, but like the client area and email notifications say: account deletions are permanent and cannot be recovered in any way.

Paying in the future is not going to change this. Only getting a time machine and paying in the past could.

ALWAYS keep a backup of important data because data loss can ALWAYS happen. Even with paid services!

I’ve seen (paid) providers breaking their backup system or having some hidden clause that resulted in accounts not getting backed up. I’ve seen server migrations go wrong and I’ve seen disk arrays break causing data to get lost or corrupted. I’ve seen accounts get terminated because of policy violations or just because an automated payment failed to process. I’ve seen websites getting hacked, defaced or deleted entirely. I’ve seen servers go offline for weeks or months resulting in data not being lost, but still being inaccessible and unusable for a long time.

The list of reasons why data can get lost is endless. Some provider or device losing data is guaranteed to happen. But the extent of the damage caused by it is entirely in your hands.

So especially if you pay to have a website built, always, always, always keep a copy of the code for yourself, stored somewhere your hosting provider can’t access. Don’t rely on a single live system to keep your code safe, because it’s not safe.


I find it really strange that the content of the website you linked to has this message, as I haven’t encountered this before:

This website has been deactivated

Please contact support

In any case, if the account on the client area appears under “Deleted Accounts” as you mentioned, it’s gone.


That’s because the domain isn’t pointing to our servers at all it seems.

That’s interesting actually! Because that could mean your files are safe, with your actual hosting provider So if you have any services with them, please check if that account can be reactivated.

That would also explain why your account got suspended every month last year for inactivity: it may not have been using our hosting, and therefore no traffic was recorded on it because that went to a different provider.


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