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I’m very confused. My account was suspended temporarily because I reached the HIT LIMIT. This is confusing because the graphs in the cPanel show wildly different things:


However I do not have WordPress or anything on my account, nothing like that. I have one cron job to load (hidden to protect privacy)/index.php every 6hrs, but that is the default “Welcome to IF” site. I did not use my website today, or yesterday, but I do have CloudFlare on (hidden to protect privacy). All of the other limits are at 0, so I am confused.

They do? The graphs show you surpassed the limit big time.

Bots maybe?

Why would we think that?

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To me, the first graph and the second graph do not show anything in common. The only thing I have changed @ cloudflare is I added a subdomain ~3 days ago (Wednesday). Once I gain access again, I will remove the cron job. This is very odd, though. I would have thought that the graphs would have more in common.

looks like too many file request’s!

Now my other website (epiz_28965074) is suspended for reaching the “HIT LIMITS”. I have not done anything to it in the past week. It does not have WordPress, CloudFlare, Google search console, anything like that. It also seems like other’s websites are getting suspended. Did the Hit Limit get lowered?

I think the reason my other one was suspended is because GSC was trying to verify it and made a ruckus.

EDIT: This is getting unacceptable, both of my accounts magically suspended, especially when I have done nothing.

That’s indeed correct. One shows hits, the other shows bandwidth. They are indeed different things.

They measure different things, so of course they show different values.

Depending on how you set it up, it may be running a lot more often than that. I extensive tested the Cron Jobs system, and there is no way to have it run less frequently than once per hour.

I’m beginning to think it was a DDoS.


I think I will agree with that. A lot of people are complaining about the hits limit. There are almost too many people getting suspended for it not to be coincidental.


I have noticed on my Cloudflare the same big jump in REQs (24h)

about 50 different IPs from China
who have various long query strings like this


but luckily nothing passed because I have a block in FW for China
because I have never had any normal traffic from there for years but always some scanning.

As far as I can see from the logs the attack lasted 15 seconds
mostly CN and Tor (plus one part of 2 seconds when it came from all over the world)

second wave


I have 13 Hours before reactivation

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the hit limit should be remove . If there was a law to do so i would pass it.

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Also to my site

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What? If it was removed, than that could put severe pressure on the servers, and cause many more problems down the road. It’s there for a reason.

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It’s just plan said . Oh well i’ll just been on trucking . Guess we lost this war .

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I checked it. The overall number of hits suspensions is normal, so I see no reason to believe that there is an error in the hits calculations or suspensions.

A law that mandates that hosting providers do not limit how much server power their customers sites should get? Even though their own infrastructure has limits because that’s how physics works?

That’s the sort of law a crazed dictator would do. “Too many people are dying in this country so it’s now forbidden to die”. Things don’t work that way. You can’t will your way out of the laws of nature.


Not until you become the next president. And the government would fall of this silly and stupid law, just because of your frustration! LOL

People are actually losing their sites. You know its bad? Its sad to see some skeeds attack sites for no reason. They just try to have fun but break other funs. Stop being so mean to others. You have to understand getting ddosed doesnt mean to be frustatred

@Admin, I don’t think it being mean! This is the truth!

It’s not right though . user have rights and we should be able to use them

Your rights don’t include dictating how much accessibility a free service gives you. If you need more, rent premium servers that you pay for, that way you can decide how much you need from a server and get the best plan for you and your websites.