Account Suspended

My Website Is Getting Suspended For no reasons
No high cpu usage
No more than 50mb disk usage
No more than 10-20 mb daily bandwidth
I think another free hosts are better

Check client area for more info.
This is what I see…


Accounts are not suspended for no reason, check you email or in the client area for a reason.

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The reason is unusually high traffic to your website. This is primarily measured in the number of hits, not the MB of bandwidth.

I wants the activation for a day so I can delete the content

You could create a support ticket from the client area asking for a backup.

@jaikrishna.t, if it is a temporary suspension, you cannot do that.

@SPARSHTECHER.EU.ORG, please wait for the suspension to end, than remove your files.

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Please stop creating new topic about this.

Your account was suspended and will not be reactivated. You can get backups if you ask for them in the ticket. You requested them and you received it. But your account will not be reactivated and your domain name will not be released. Your website overloaded our servers so we don’t want to host it on free hosting again. Your account will be deleted automatically after some time, and you just need to wait for that to happen.


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