Need Backup Of My Account Because Account Is Suspended
Want The Backup Of My Account as soon as possible
Also when I get my backup I want the deleting of this account because I want to recreate a new one

Why can’t you take a backup yourself? Just download the files from FileZilla, and download a copy of your database from MySQL.

You can do this yourself as well. Just enter the “Edit Account” screen in the client area, deleted the account, than create a new one.

This is free hosting, while we will tell you how to do things, we will not do them for you.

Sorry, I Can’t Do This I Tried
My account was suspended for no reason so I am unable to take backup.
So, I Posted A Community Post

Your website is not suspended. Please clear your cache and reload.

If you account is temperately suspended (24 hours), you cannot request a backup, as that would obliterate the point of being suspended in the first place.

You got it already.

Your account was suspended because it overloaded the servers. Having you setup the site on a new account with us is the absolutely last thing we want you to do. We don’t suspend accounts just to have you recreate them right away.

The client area clearly said to submit a ticket.


I received the backup file in my mail :blush:
But, I want to setup my hosting website so I decided to register somewhere but I got an error due to the free hosting.
You cannot sign up because my website is settled on another free hosting network

I think my account is permanently suspended so I want its deletion

This means the other provider is on the same network we’re on, which means the same traffic limitations apply.

So the same answer applies: your website overloaded the servers so we don’t want to host it on free hosting.

It will be deleted automatically after some time. But we keep permanently suspended accounts around for a few reasons, one of which is that it blocks the domain from being added to other accounts.

Because again: your site overloaded the servers, so we don’t want to host it anymore.


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