Account suspended for 24 hours for CPU limit?


I am just logging on after the weekend and saw in my client area that my account is temporarily suspended for 24 hours due to CPU limit. My account will become active again in 3 hours. I read up a little bit about CPU limit (from the support page) but I want to know why this happened? I’ve been hosting my domain ( on here for a couple months now and never had any issues prior? What could be the cause of this? Could it be WordPress? Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could do to not reach this limit?

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Maybe your website got hit with more traffic than usual? We don’t have a lot of useful metrics to tell, but maybe Cloudflare Analytics can shed a light on it?

I think it might be “fake” traffic if that’s a thing? Because my account got temporarily suspended again for the same thing (CPU limit) ? It’ll be up again in 16 hours it says. Would it be beneficial to use the “I’m Under Attack” mode on Cloudflare to limit traffic so this doesn’t happen a third time?

Sure, you can try it. Noe that if your website itself is just resource intensive, that won’t help much.


Did you actually check the Cloudflare Analytics to see if there was a difference in traffic? We can speculate if there was more traffic or not, or you can just look at the data.

I’m not sure how to check but here’s a summary of my site for the past 7 days. I wonder if that helps?

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