Account shows suspended

My website shows suspended but on hosting panel it shows active, anyone facing the same issue?

Please fill out the template next time. If you want more assistance, you need to provide your URL


intentionally i haven’t posted my website url here, this post was to confirm if its just me or others are having the same issue.

Don’t expect help then.
Anyone that has an issue should share their URL so if there is an issue (like an outage) the Admin can check if the sites affected have something in common (for example, they’re on the same IP address or hosting volume) and take steps to ensure it is fixed.


i think you might have lack of knowledge of what i said, i just wanted to know if it was just me or anyone else facing the same issue, and wth asked you for help, better you mind your own business sir.

Your topic is in Hosting Support, and aside from that, you are describing an issue, so I believe it would be reasonable to believe that you are requesting help with that issue.

Okay. Suppose that other people came forward and said that they, too, faced the same issue. How would this help identify where the issue is and what can be done about it?

It might be good for you to see that other people face the same issue, or that they don’t. But for everyone else trying to identify what the problem might be, refusing to share information critical to the issue such as your website URL isn’t helping.

Example Scenario

You describe an issue where your domain redirects to while the account is active. Sharing your URL can help people confirm that your domain indeed redirects to for them as well and that this isn’t an issue faced only by you locally.


take it easy, breathe, the simple common sense is someone else is having the same issue, its that you get confirmation to just wait and need not do anything on your end, admin might be onto it.

If the issue is with your website specifically sharing the URL will give them the ability to check it. Are you hosting something against the rules, hence why you won’t share it? We are people who want to help you. No information, no help!

EDIT: You don’t even need to share it publicly, just ask kindly to send to PMs.


@TrustF please choose your words more wisely
so that they do not provoke others and force them to react.

These are not some words to have respectful conversations with

It would be ideal if you would delete them (edit posts)
or if that option is disabled for you, let us know and we from the staff will edit it.

Unless you insist on keeping it as it is?

Anyone can have a bad day or misinterpret something,
but let’s try to conduct conversations in the future so that they create friendships and not confrontations


Since he is not providing any URLs or Hosting Account Username, let’s just leave his website suspended forever and get deleted after 60 days


great idea


I think continuing this topic is pointless. TrustF made it clear they’re not looking for help on this topic; it was likely resolved, and anything else we say will just be a debate about whether URLs should be provided or not, which I believe has been discussed well enough.


"I don’t know who created this topic, but I’m also noticing slowness and the same kind of direction:

I’m new here. The page is still under construction, but I’ve already had experiences like this twice in less than a month. Last time was a week ago, and the information on the forum was that there were DDoS attacks happening. I don’t understand why they would launch this kind of attack on free servers." if the translation is not good sorry it was “CHATGPT”

Claro, vou verificar a ortografia e a pontuação do seu post. Aqui está a versão corrigida:

"Eu não conheço quem criou esse tópico, mas também estou percebendo lentidão e esse mesmo tipo de direcionamento:

Eu sou novo por aqui. A página ainda está em construção, mas já tive experiências desse tipo duas vezes em menos de 1 mês. Na última vez, foi há uma semana, e a informação que tinha no fórum era que ocorriam ataques DDoS. Eu não entendo por que fariam esse tipo de ataque a servidores gratuitos." se a tradução não tiver boa desculpem foi “CHATGPT”

Hi :wave:
Your website loads fine for me from India, I believe it may be a network related issue at your end or your browser settings.