Account shows suspended! HELP!

(please specify the URL of the site on which you are experiencing the problem)

Help my website shows suspended since this morning. My hosting panel says nothing and i can use it. But on my website i see suspended and it says i should upgrade.

Anyone else has this problem and how can i solve it?!?

Kind regards, Marcel

Have you tried creating other free subdomains on this hosting account?


Thanks for the reply.
I have tried that but my hosting panel is down too now and ik shows my account is suspended.
I have mailed them to ask why because in my opinion i respected the terms of agreement.
Lets hope they will contact me soon.

Kind regards Marcel

Did the client area indicate the reason?


Your site displays fine for me. I’m assuming it was either unsuspended, or it was a temporary issue that was resolved.
If you’re still facing it, try clearing your browser and DNS cache.


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