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Please, i have forgotten my infinityfree Recovery password not for the present account but for the account: (Emil205, Email: HIDDEN BY MOD - PII) i have tried contacting administration through their email but they won’t reply so i had to create a new account inorder to reach the community forum.

I need admin to disable my 2FA on the specified account above so i can login to my account. Thanks.

It is lost forever…

However, I won’t disable two factor authentication on any account by request.

The point of two factor authentication is that (drumroll please) you have two factors of authentication. The email address / password combination is one, and the two factor device / recovery codes are the second one.

If we would just disable the second factor in response to an email, the security benefit of that second factor would be completely nullified. We would be betraying the trust of our security conscious users by bypassing two factor authentication in that way.



Not gonna happen


I don’t understand , if admin of infinity free cannot disable 2fa then why can’t they send account recovery information to email when requested. or better still investigate the compliant about website details.??? what are you talking about here.

Please read carefully (Open the source link)…

So it’s your responsibility to backup the recovery codes. The method to do that is up to you, just make sure they are stored safely to make sure that you and only you can access it.

If you lose both your recovery codes and your 2FA device, you lose access to your account. Just like how you lose access to your account if you lose both your password and access to your email address.


Not cannot, is will not. If Admin do that, it will defeat the purpose of having 2FA in the first place


i have read this . but i don’t get it. besides i am talking about my website account not this account. if i am not able to login into my inifityfree account how then do i access my website hosting ? are you telling me there is nothing to be done ??

i think i need to contact admin directly to do this becuse i was told to send a report through my mail and the infinty free platform will investigate my account inorder to help

There could be and that is requesting admin to get a copy of a backup of your site by verifying your identity by some means (it might be about domain if you use a custom domain name or etc). But I doubt it (only Admin might knows).

One thing Im sure you can’t access your Infinityfree account but might be possible to get a backup of your website (idk lets ask Admin)

If i can get a back up of my website that will be fine . tha’ts the main reason why i am requesting for the help. however i use a custom domain name bought from goddady

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if infity free cannot disable 2FA then i will request they send login /authentication code to the registered phone number on that compliant acount. i believe at least they can do that. there are several ways of veryfying the authenticity of a compliant… because i don’t think refusing to disable 2fa on a hosting account by the compliant would earn them so many clients. I have my sms number verified on the platform so if they cannot trust the email , then why can’t they resend code to the veriefied sms on the 2fa platform .

I think you forgot the basics of 2FA. The code can be accessed only on the 2FA app. You can re-login back to your 2FA account. Btw, what app were you using?


i used google authenticator app

besides, i requested google and they resent me my google account recovery when i dincate that the device was lost. i was asked to scan a code on the account email using the new authenticator app. and it worked .

Unfortunately, InfinityFree is not a bank and doesn’t need quadruple 2FA security layers for people who lose devices. You will not receive any SMS from InfinityFree at any cost I suppose. It was your responsibility to keep the recovery codes somewhere safe (did you do that?).

If you think I am rude, sorry :pray:


okay , i understand your just trying to scare me with these updates. i still believe infintyfree can disable 2fa on request . besides i was not told that my account was blocked i need recovery code to verify it.

Looks like you can’t stick to reality.

I’m sorry but Admin has already said that he won’t do it for anyone on request. It is not fair for all those who’ve lost websites. You’re no exception!

I think there’s no use debating about it, let admin and you figure this out :slight_smile:


We have said multiple times that it cannot be done, so that means that IT CANNOT BE DONE.

What? The 2FA setup process says to safely store the recovery codes in case something happens to the 2FA device. It clearly says that. Your account was never blocked, per se, only locked. However, it was your doing, not ours.

Sorry to say, but unless you kept the recovery codes safely and accessible, you aren’t getting your account back. There; I said it, in the full truth.


Two Factor verification was generally introduced to prevent hackers from have unauthourised access, not with the option thaat the cliant won’t ever access that account even when applealed . In most cases 2fa has not more than just to prevent unthourized access.

I’m not sure where you get the idea from that we can help you. When enabling 2FA, the follow information is shown at the top of the page:

  • Make sure to store these codes. If you lose access to your authenticator app, you will need these to login to your account.
  • Store these codes safely. These codes can be used to login to your account. Do not share them with anyone. A password manager is a great place to keep them.
  • Do not store these codes only on your phone. If you lose the phone, you’ll lose all ways to access your account. Make sure that the codes are backed up somewhere else, like on cloud storage.
  • If you lose your authentication device and the recovery codes, you WILL lose your account. We will not deactivate two factor authentication if you have lost access.

The last point is the most important one to understand. And it’s not a joke. If you lose the recovery codes, you lose access. End of story. No exceptions.

I have no idea what makes you believe any different. We have never disabled 2FA for anyone, and will not start now. You can have hope if you want, but we cannot help you with this.

Have you checked your InfinityFree mobile app? And checked the phone number currently linked to your profile? Because you’d see that we don’t have a mobile app, and don’t register your phone number. So we cannot send you a push notification or an SMS, because we don’t have anything to send it to. So I don’t understand what makes you think we somehow could.