Account Recovery

I thought it was real for a second :laughing:

Actually i had a 2FA backed up but i’m not sure why the codes don’t work. maybe that’s not for infityfree. but i can be sure it’s for infinityfree because i named it so. That’s the main reason i requested to have 2fa disabled. ofcourse no one would like to activate 2fa without a back up. i think admin would have to explain why my codes are not working.****

Because you are copying them wrong or the codes are invalid or already used earlier.

i thought so. but now im coinvinced the codes don’t work. i was typing them first but now i copy and paste … still getting same error message.

Admin will look into it when he comes online.

For my own reference

i hope so. otherwise i would have to change my hosting account next time i think of taking the trouble to build another eCommerce website.

I checked the codes you sent to Greenreader9 and they do not match the codes that we have stored for you. The format does match our codes, so it’s likely that these were generated by us at some point, but they are no longer accurate now.

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so that means my account cannot be recovered isn’t it. Since your platform says those were not the recovery codes given. anyways. thnks for your help. nevertheless those were the codes i copied from my infityfree page before activating my 2fa. if you say those aren’t the codes , i do not know what that means. if it is to mean that my website is lost forever since the hosting company cannot help recover my data , i understand. Thanks

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I did check the 2FA activation page to see if there was any error with the recovery codes. I didn’t encounter anything that actually didn’t work, but there was one UX problem in that if you refresh the page or make an error when submitting the first six digit code, your recovery codes are rotated. If you then don’t store the updated recovery codes, you don’t have any working recovery codes.

This is not obvious, it’s something I overlooked when building the page and I do intend to fix this ASAP.

I think that you may have fallen victim of this as well. I do want to make changes to make sure that this won’t happen to other people, but I still cannot disable 2FA for you.

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If you cannot disable 2FA, then resend me working recovery codes because the ones i copied from your site do not work. I have made some few references and have come across few people that passed similar complain about failing recovery codes. You need to fix this. Thanks