Account is suspended

I am not sure what happed to my website. My website is suspended. Please help me.

Website URL:

Check client area for info

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Why my domain name is not showing under client area. Why did they erase all?

Well, raise support ticket to find out more

How do i raise the ticket? Please let me know where to go to raise the ticket?

Can someone guide me how can i raise a ticket to get the issue fixed.

On the client area, it should tell you the message and there is a button saying “Create support ticket”.

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I am sharing the screenshot of the client area. It’s all blank.

I am really not happy with infinity free. Why did they take our the domain name and the whole website?

Do i again have to add the domain name and start building my website all over again? Please help.

You have a custom domain, so they can’t take it. You should have a backup of your website, so they cant take that either. When was the email sent?

I received the email on
13 Sept 2021, 17:20

When i click the view account in client area i get a new page open with error message

" 404

That’s an error…

The requested page or resource could not be found"

Since you took so long to respond, the account was probably deleted due to inactivity…

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My account is not showing under client area. What do i do now?

How can i raise a ticket? Where shall i go to raise a ticket?

It’s gone. You took too long to see the message, therefore your account was deleted.


If the account is gone from the client area, it’s safe to assume the account is gone.

If an account is suspended for inactivity and is not reactivated (either because you didn’t request it or because your request was denied), it will be automatically deleted after some time. At this time, that “some time” is 18 days.

If the account is deleted, you’ll no longer be able to raise a ticket. That’s because we can’t do anything for you anymore: the account is gone, so it cannot be reactivated or backed up.


It is always safe to keep a back up of your site.

You also should get an email when your site is suspended so even if you have not looked on InfinityFree for awhile, they still made a point to contact you about it.

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