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My account got suspended temporarily due to out-of-range hits. You should have given a warning if it happened for the first time, but you suspended my account. Please reactivate it again as soon as possible. A 24-hour suspension will damage my website very badly.

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Welcome to the forum. We can’t do anything about suspended accounts. You’ll have to log into your InfinityFree Dash page and go to Accounts. There should be a way to contact support. You have to open a ticket and ask them. I hope you get it going again soon.

This page might help


This doesn’t apply here as this is an automatic 24-hour suspension for hitting a limit:

@dutygamer, this article should help explain those suspensions:

Unfortunately, nothing can be done. You’ll need to wait out the suspension.


Ok thanku, but I am saying that these things should be cleared before making an account, and if this happens, you should give a warning rather than suspending my account

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Warning emails are sent out around the 50% mark. It may have gone to spam


Ok, thank you for answering my question.


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