About my store trafic!

hello , im new here with infinityfree and i made woocommerce store with dokan plugin and i want to know How many visitors can my store receive at the same time without problems occurring on the site or making browsing heavy?( for example 10000 visitores) thanks for reading…

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There isn’t a fixed number of visitors that your website can receive. Because there are different limits. If you get a lot of visitors you might reach the daily hit limit or the IO limit. It all depends on how many assets your website uses on each load and the amount of PHP code that needs to be executed. Thankfully you can read some articles that may help you better understand these limits:

And you can check the other limits in the Fair Usage Limits category.


thanks for help , so if i will upgrate to ( iFastNet Ultimate Premium) can i get Everything I wrote ( Unlimited visitors without problems occurring on the site or making browsing the store heavy )

No. Nothing is unlimited. There are still limitations, however they will be much higher.


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