72 hours and still no website



No error message just a page of infinityfree adds

Hi, its been more than 72 hours and my site is still not up. I’m not sure if I forgot to do something, or if something is missing. I cleared my cache and all of my files are uploaded.
Mind you - I’m a college student just learning

Please help - Thanks,

Working for me

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This is what I get.

It doesn’t work for me either. Try this:

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Hi wackyblackie,

I found it, deleted it, and readded it as you said. It didn’t work, I’m still getting the ads page.

Nameservers are currently having issues, there’s noting you can do yet. Maybe you can bypass it:

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How do you know that? It’s been 4 days since I created the website.

Well, many people face that issue, it is a nameserver issue probably.

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